Acoustic Wave Series




Ultrasonic Level Series




Guided Wave Radar




Sonar System




Sonar System




Admittance Smart Switch Series




Conductivity Switch Series




Vibration Smart Switch Series




Rotation Switch Series




Acoustic Switch &

Auto Spray Cleaner




Guided Radar




Microwave Switch Series




Gen 3 Microwave Switch Series



HAWK Magnetic Level Gauge


Continuous Level Transmitters​​

Sultan Acoustic Wave Series​

The SULTAN 234 emits a high powered Acoustic Wave transmit pulse which is reflected from the surface of the material being measured. The reflected signal is processed using specially developed software to enhance the correct signal and reject false or spurious echoes.​​

Point Level Switches​

Gladiator Admittance Smart Switch Series​

The probe of the Admittance Switch forms one plate of a capacitance circuit, with the vessel wall making the second plate. The
dielectric constant of the product between the probe and the vessel wall will cause a change of capacitance as the level approaches
the probe. The change is detected, amplified and used to switch a relay for indication or control purposes. A special circuit is used to
ignore product build-up between the sensing probe (active element) and guard, and also between the guard and vessel wall.​

Blocked Chute Protection Swiches​

Gladiator Acoustic Switch & Auto Spray Cleaner​

The Gladiator Acoustic Switch uses Acoustic Wave technology in a new Sender / Receiver form for blocked chute detection and anti collision for heavy machinery. The Gladiator Amplifier powers two AW Transducers which use special HAWK developed software
where both units pulse and receive each other’s Acoustic echoes. When the path between the Transducers is blocked, the units immediately detect the presence / absence change of the return signal and trigger a communications relay for indication or control purposes. 

Magnetic Level Gauge​

HAWK Magnetic Level Gauge​

The HAWK Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG)

is widely applied in the monitoring and process control
of liquid level and interface for many industries; such as petroleum,

chemical, power, paper, metallurgy, water treatment etc.​



Sonar Bed Level System​

ORCA Sonar System​

The ORCA Sonar Series transducer emits a high powered low

frequency pulse, which is reflected from the interface density selected.​

HAWK Magnetic Level Gauge​

The HAWK Sultan Sonar uses Advanced Sonar Technology to

measure and control Waste Water Clarifiers and Thickeners.
The system is easy to use and the innovative design provides

critical plant control to optimize performance.​




Gen 3 Doppler Microwave

Switch Series



Sultan Flow

Non Contact Flow Measurement​

Gladiator Gen 3 Doppler Microwave Switch Series​

The HAWK Gladiator Doppler Microwave flow switch is used in process applications requiring highly reliable non-contact, non
intrusive product flow detection and movement. The system operates by sending out bursts of microwave energy toward the target
product being monitored.

Sultan Flow​

The Sultan Flow measurement system operates by transmitting

an ultrasonic signal from its transducer towards the liquid being
monitored. The reflected signal or echo is received

by the transducer and processed.​

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